Sponsor Buddy for a Year (Mail)

Sponsor Buddy for a Year (Mail)


When you sponsor an animal for a year you make a HUGE difference in their life. With your donation you will be helping Django with all of his care from routine vet visits to daily feedings. With your yearly sponsorship you will receive monthly updates and pictures of your animal, plus a plaque on the animals stall acknowledging your sponsorship. Also, receive a free pass for all Open Barn Days! Come out and meet the animals you’ve sponsored—so they can thank you themselves! This is the gift that keeps on giving, for you and for Django.

Buddy was born with only three legs. Before we offered to potentially help Buddy, the farmers thought their only option was to continue to fatten Buddy up for slaughter. The farmers were so relieved when we told them we MIGHT be able to help. They had grown to love Buddy.

We had a custom brace made for Buddy, but the day that he tried it on, he broke it. The sad reality is that as Buddy gets bigger, his single back leg will not be able to keep up and his size would not work with a cart like Angel. But, Buddy is one of the sweetest and most affectionate cows we have ever met.

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