Sponsor Fern for a Month (Mail)

Sponsor Fern for a Month (Mail)


When you sponsor an animal for a month you will make a HUGE impact on the animals life by helping provide food, bedding and vet care. With your donation, you will receive pictures and a certificate of sponsorship as well as a coupon for one free Open Barn Day to be redeemed upon arrival. Come out and meet the animals you’ve sponsored—so they can thank you themselves!


Fern was discovered on the shoulder of I-35 South outside of Ames. She was rescued by a very kind police officer and the director of the Ames Animal Shelter, and they took her straight to the Iowa State University Large Animal Hospital. Doctors looked her over and discovered that nothing was broken, but Fern was in shock and had some road rash. The doctors think that she likely fell from a truck. She was found with a number tattooed on her ear— a common practice in marking breeding sows.

The Ames Animal Shelter named this sweet little girl Fern, we are so thankful for their quick action in saving her and tending to her so carefully until we could bring her to her forever home.

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