Sponsor Frank for a Month (Mail)

Sponsor Frank for a Month (Mail)


When you sponsor an animal for a month you will make a HUGE impact on the animals life by helping provide food, bedding and vet care. With your donation, you will receive pictures and a certificate of sponsorship as wellas a coupon for one free Open Barn Day to be redeemed upon arrival. Come out and meet the animals you’ve sponsored—so they can thank you themselves!

Visit http://www.BiteSizeVegan.org/Crash to watch a short documentary on Frank and the rest of The Liber8ed.

Frank is the most cautious of all the Liber8ed, just capturing a photo of him for this post has proved difficult! He even seems to be a bit cautious around the other steer. We have found some treats that are totally breaking barriers with him though! If we can make our arms stretch as far away from our bodies as humanly possible, he will take a peppermint treat from us!! Frank's most distinguishing feature is his missing tail-- he lost it in the semi accident. He also had a laceration on his mouth that went down to the bone. The laceration was flushed out at ISU but his tail was already on the mend. Next summer, we will explore options for making a faux tail for him to keep the flies away. Frank was named by our founder, Jered Camp, as Jered felt like he was a "Frank the tank".

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