Sponsor Max for a Year (Mail)

Sponsor Max for a Year (Mail)


When you sponsor an animal for a year you make a HUGE difference in their life. With your donation you will be helping Max with all of his care from routine vet visits to daily feedings. With your yearly sponsorship you will receive monthy updates and pictures of your animal, plus a plaque on the animals stall acknowledging your sponsorship. Also, receive a free pass for all Open Barn Days! Come out and meet the animals you’ve sponsored—so they can thank you themselves! This is the gift that keeps on giving, for you and for Max.

Visit http://www.BiteSizeVegan.org/Crash to watch a short documentary on Max and the rest of The Liber8ed.

Max was the very first of The Liber8ed that we took to the Iowa State University Large Animal Hospital. We noticed his extensive injuries as soon as were loading him on the trailer after the accident. His tongue was falling out of his mouth and his face was drooping and incredibly swollen. His right eye was actually swollen shut, and he was bleeding from that same eye and his mouth. When we first met him, he was covered in feces and mud. We were honestly preparing for the worst.

We should've known he was a fighter from the beginning... When we tried getting him on the trailer to head to ISU, it took Shawn and her dad about 3 hours to get him loaded! Putting a harness on him or being forceful in any way was just not an option. It was so hot the day we took him to the vet, we feared he might pass out from exhaustion.

We finally got Max up to ISU the eventing of September 16th. Seeing him walk into their chute completely defeated was so heartbreaking, but we knew if he had any shot at survival it was right where he needed to be. The team at ISU determined early on that Max had a broken jaw and broken bones surrounding his right eye. He was in such rough shape that he wasn't even a candidate for surgery.

After about 10 days of lots of love and meds, the swelling went down in Max's face and we were able to see what resembled a healthy steer-- we could even see his right eye! Max came home to IFS after just a few weeks at ISU, and he continued to receive care for his eye and pain.Max gets a soft food every day as a portion of his mouth is paralyzed and he has a more difficult time eating. We are unsure what kind of vision Max has out of his injured eye; he can see, but we don't know if it's just light or movement. There is a large white cloud that you can see over the affected eye.

Despite all Max has been thru, he is the single most trusting, sweet boy of the Liber8ed.... in fact he was so sweet with all the vets at ISU, they thought he may have had a serious concussion! We are so thankful that Max pulled thru and will be able to show the world his love and ability to forgive. Max was named by Shawn. The name just came to her when she was hanging with him the morning after the accident. It seems he is already learning his name too.

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