Sponsor Tucker for a Year (Mail)

Sponsor Tucker for a Year (Mail)


When you sponsor an animal for a year you make a HUGE difference in their life. With your donation you will be helping Tucker with all of his care from routine vet visits to daily feedings. With your yearly sponsorship you will receive monthy updates and pictures of your animal, plus a plaque on the animals stall acknowledging your sponsorship. Also, receive a free pass for all Open Barn Days! Come out and meet the animals you’ve sponsored—so they can thank you themselves! This is the gift that keeps on giving, for you and for Tucker.

Visit http://www.BiteSizeVegan.org/Crash to watch a short documentary on Tucker and the rest of The Liber8ed.

Tucker was one of the last of The Liber8ed to head to the Iowa State University Large Animal Hospital. We noticed he was having some trouble eating and upon watching him graze, we noticed some of his teeth were knocked loose. ISU revealed he had quite a bit of damage to the inside of his mouth, but assured us that it would heal up on its own-- although he may lose some teeth. Tucker tends to hang back and let his brothers make sure things are safe before he follows. As cautious as he is, he will still occasionally take treats from our hands. He much prefers his soft grain to the alfalfa we give them. If you've been wondering how we tell these boys apart, Tucker is definitely the easiest to spot! He has the longest, most beautiful, curly, fluffy hair! Pictures don't even do this fluffy guy justice! Tucker was named by our board member, Chelsea Wilde, in honor of her family.

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