Sponsor Willow for a Month (Mail)

Sponsor Willow for a Month (Mail)


When you sponsor an animal for a month you will make a HUGE impact on the animals life by helping provide food, bedding and vet care. With your donation, you will receive pictures and a certificate of sponsorship as wellas a coupon for one free Open Barn Day to be redeemed upon arrival. Come out and meet the animals you’ve sponsored—so they can thank you themselves!

Willow is one of four siblings, the quadruplets! The quadruplets were rescued in January 2018 after they were abandoned by their mother. Mama goats aren't supposed to have four babies at a time, they usually have just one or twins, so it's possible that their mama was just incredibly overwhelmed. We brought the quads home when they were just a day old.

Because the quadruplets did not receive their mother's colostrum, they spent nearly a week at the ISU Large Animal Hospital, where they were cared for round-the-clock. Willow's plasma-protein levels were incredibly low, putting her at risk for her immune system to be comprimised. The team at ISU acted quickly, and Willow received a plasma transfusion at the hospital just a few days after she was born. 

Since then, Willow has grown happier and healthier every day. She's our tallest little girl, and she's full of spunk! To tell her apart from the others, she has the least amount of white on her face.

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