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& Tamara Rhodes
& Mariana Guerra-Maupome

claudia bigger.jpg

Claudia is our most social hen- she loves attention! She prefers to live in our large animal barn with the goats, sheep, and cows instead of the chicken coop. Her cross-beak and lazy eye only add to her charm. Claudia came from a Craigslist ad for free chickens that was brought to our attention by a supporter-- it happened to be right up the road. There is an ongoing, (horrible!) phenomenon of animals being listed for free on Craigslist. These situations are usually very dangerous for the animals involved, especially animals that are typically used for food. Sadly, when people have no investment or attachment to the animals that they obtain for free, the trend is that they are often neglected, or worse. Fortunately for Claudia , we were the first to inquire and she now has a forever home here at IFS.