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Ellie was the first heifer (female bovine) that IFS ever rescued, there was just no way that we couldn’t step up and give this sweet girl the best shot at life. Ellie was surrendered to us because she was born blind, but upon picking her up we knew something else was plaguing her. Ellie had a septic infection that had eaten away at her bones in one of her front legs. A septic infection can certainly be a death sentence and has been for a few of out other rescues. She needed immediate surgery to clean the bone. Upon preparing for surgery it was discovered that Ellie also had a terrible heart murmur, which made surgery very high risk. We knew Ellie was a fighter though, and she pulled through surgery and healed her leg like the warrior she is! When you meet Ellie, you’ll likely notice her limp from her surgery, but you may never notice that she is completely blind. She has developed quite the mental map of her territory and she blows us away with her intelligence. Some of Ellie’s favorite activities are nursing on pumpkins ear, bucking through her pasture and rubbing her head on her humans. 

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