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Guy came to us emotionally defeated and covered in road rash after falling from a transport truck. A kind human contacted us about finding Guy a home and we agreed to help-- but then something unexpected happened... For days he would not eat or drink on his own. We were syringe-feeding him and physically putting soft food into his mouth, but nothing clicked for him. As we were feeding George one evening, Guy snuck into his room-- and right into his food bowl! Our gut reaction was to snatch Guy up immediately in fear George might nip at him, but instead we watched over carefully.... GUY WAS EATING, and it was all because of George. George shared his food with Guy like the sweet boy he is! These two had an instant connection and a very distinct bond; not only were they both brought into this world to be killed, they both took a faithful leap from a semi bound for hell. Now we could never think of splitting up Guy and Uncle George!

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