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Isaac was rescued with the help of Lawson's Heart. One of our supporters sent us a post from their instagram about a sweet little special needs goat. He had a severe deformation in his front legs, making him walk on his "elbows" instead of his front hooves. This little guy lived in Missouri, and there are a few hoops we have to jump through when transporting animals across state lines. Luckily, everything worked out in our favor in this case! Two of our biggest supporters/volunteers/friends spent an entire day driving to Lamar, Missouri to pick up Isaac and bring him home to his happily ever after. The next day, Isaac received a thorough examination at the ISU Large Animal Hospital. The team at ISU determined that the deformation in Isaac's legs could be fixed with splinting-- and they were right! After months of careful splinting, today you'd never notice that he'd ever looked any different! Isaac is quite possibly the sweetest goat we've ever met.

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