The Story of Phoenix


souls never die, but rise again...

Phoenix's story...

Words from our founder, Shawn Camp:

It's hard to put into words the toll that Phoenix's suffering and death had on me.

Years ago I made a promise to myself to not let myself indulge into the suffering, as I found myself depressed and not doing anything productive for the oppressed. Since that time I have remained optimistic, because, well I have to. Phoenix brought me back to a point where all hope was lost. I was overwhelmed with grief, for him and for the billions of other farmed animals like him that cannot be saved.

Although, I have still not been able to fully grieve the loss of my sweet Phoenix, I now have a place where I can go to reflect with him. Where others who feel like I do, can come reflect with him. This space is dedicated to Phoenix and the changes that he will inspire in this world.

His ashes I keep close to my heart, and his soul is all around us for everyone to experience. I love and miss you sweet boy.

Special thanks to Melanie and Sarah for making this incredible memorial possible. I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I do.