Tibbott the Turkey Tom

sponsored by caitlin clemens
& john mcdevitt
& tamara rhodes

tibbott biggest.jpg

Tibbott was found in a ditch by a very compassionate, bird-loving couple near Storm Lake, Iowa. We're fairly certain that Tibbott was destined to be someone's turkey dinner, as there is a Tyson Foods plant located in Storm Lake. Tibbott is a Broad Breasted Turkey, the breed most commonly raised for meat. Due to decades of selective breeding, commercial male turkeys grow to be three times the size of wild male turkeys-- hence the reason Tibbott is so large. If you watch him long enough, you'll notice that his head and neck change colors between red and blue. Tibbott is named after the great Seth Tibbott, the founder of Turtle Island (the creators of Tofurky). We are so inspired by Seth's dedication to producing quality, cruelty-free products and contributing to a more compassionate, sustainable world. We're sure Tibbott is thankful for him too!

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